I write a weekly newsletter about (almost) all things Python at Mostly Python. There are paid subscriptions available to support this ongoing work, but you can also sign up for a free subscription with access to all the same content. (Paid subscribers see some posts before free subscribers, but all posts end up available to everyone within 6 weeks.)

Most of what I write will be meaningful to anyone who has worked through a significant portion of Python Crash Course, and is interested in current takes on a variety of topics centered around Python. My goal is to help people transition out of the beginner mindset, and keep up with things that are happening in the Python world.

If you’re curious to read some posts, you might want to start with one of these:

  • Why I’m still using Python

    This explains why I’m still doing most of my programming work in Python, 16 years after I was first introduced to the language.

  • Python Lists: A closer look

    This is the first post in a series about lists, and how a focus on this simple data structure can help people develop a deeper understanding of Python as a whole.

  • Improving medical students’ lives with code

    I recently spoke with a reader who’s working on a project that would make it easier for medical students to conduct research. This post focuses on how to think about a larger project, once you’ve developed some coding skills.

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