When looking for updates it’s helpful to know which printing you’re working from, as minor corrections are made every time the book goes through another print run. Right now, the book is on its sixth printing. You can see which printing you have by looking on the copyright page, which is on the back of the second page in the physical book.

Recent Updates

Python 3.8 is out

The latest version of Python 3.8 was released on October 14th, 2019. Read more about the Python 3.8 release.

Everything in the book should still work with Python 3.8, except you might need to install a specific version of Pygame. For that update, see the section Pygame on Python 3.8.

Django 3.1 is out

Django 3.1 was released on August 4, 2020. Read more about this release.

Everything in the Learning Log project (Chapters 18-20) should work on Django 3.1, with only minor changes in the second half of Chapter 20. For these updates, see the section Deploying to Heroku.

Pygame on macOS

If you’ve had any issues running Pygame on macOS, see the section Pygame on Python 3.8, even if you’re not using Python 3.8 yet.

The version of Pygame that works with Python 3.8 also works with older versions of Python, and it addresses every issue I’ve heard people running into on macOS, such as game elements not appearing on the screen.

If you find an error in the book or can’t get something to work, please let me know! You can reach me through email at ehmatthes@gmail.com, or on Twitter at @ehmatthes.