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Updates and Errata - Fourth printing

This page is broken into two parts, Updates and Errata. Updates address issues that affect whether your code will run or not. Errata refer to minor issues such as typos, and errors in grayed-out code that probably won’t affect the code you’re entering.

Code that produces warnings but still runs correctly is noted under Errata, as this is a fairly common occurrence and the code often still works for a long time while producing warnings.

If you find an error in the book that's not listed here, or can’t get something to work, please let me know. You can reach me through email at, or on Twitter at @ehmatthes.


There are no updates to note at this time.


Chapter 19

On page 417 under The login Template the path to the accounts/ directory should be learning_log/accounts/, not ll_project/accounts/. The full path to the login.html template should be: learning_log/accounts/templates/registration/login.html.