Adding Sound and Automating Game Play in Alien Invasion

Did you enjoy the Alien Invasion project? Did you know you can add sound to the game in about 15 lines of code? Did you know it’s possible to write a separate program that plays the game automatically for you?

Challenges - Automated Alien Invasion Player

If you want to try this before reading how to do it, here’s a set of challenges that helps you add increasing sophistication to your automated player:

  • AI Player 1: Automated Player
  • AI Player 2: Sweeping Strategy
  • AI Player 3: Randomized Shooting
  • AI Player 4: Targeting Specific Aliens
  • AI Player 5: Sweeping and Targeting
  • AI Player 6: Optimized Strategies
  • AI Player 7: Scoring Accuracy

Guide: Adding Sound and Automating Game Play

Even though it doesn’t take a lot of code to make an automated player, it’s not obvious how to approach the problem. This guide shows you how to automate game play in a series of steps:

  • Adding sound to the game
  • Taking control of the game, and making the ship fire automatically
  • Making the ship move
  • Speeding up the game when you’re developing automated strategies
  • Adding randomness to the firing pattern
  • Changing strategies as the game progresses
  • Targeting a specific alien

If you want to see this in action, take a look at a 30-second clip of the game being played automatically.

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