Challenges and Beyond PCC

Hello everyone! I recently added two new sections to the online resources for Python Crash Course that you might be interested in.


This section offers an expanded set of exercises and challenges that go beyond the exercises that are presented in the book. The first set of challenges focuses on card games. You can start these challenges as soon as you are finished Chapter 3.

You can do any or all of the challenges; some will probably take just a few minutes, while others are full projects that you could go really deep on.

Beyond PCC

This section offers extensions of what’s presented in the book. For example there’s a section on working with the random module. This section covers a few functions that weren’t critical enough to include in the book, but which you might find useful in your own projects.

There’s also a section on working with sprite sheets in Pygame, which is helpful if you’re building something like a card game that has many different game elements.

Coming Soon

I’m working on a new set of challenges that focus on building your own photo filters. I’ve done this project with students, and they loved it. I’m also writing a section about becoming a professional programmer, which comes from numerous email and reddit conversations about making the transition to professional programming.


If you have questions or comments about these new sections, feel free to reply to this email. Thanks!